DATE DE SORTIE : 27 juin 2020
ARTISTE : Valentin Becmann
Valentin Becmann New Album

Valentin Becmann Limited Edition LP, CD and Digital Download

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« Through a complex soundscape, this self-produced and self-recorded first album highlights a wide spectrum of sounds in a non-conventional, yet adequately controlled, framework, resulting in an unusual experience and a dreamlike atmosphere. Original sound effects combined with raw, highly skilled as well, musical approach and rhythmic proficiency create an eclectic and puzzling outcome that catches our ears, offering us a delicate and generous moment we wish to embrace. Valentin Becmann compels us to step into his universe where one can find many references in which he draws his inspiration and expertise. An effective and melodic journey that drifts us into a genuine Space Opera where the different styles virtually urge us to travel away with him. »


  • Slice Star Ω
  • Laura Ω
  • Oscillate Ω
  • INTERMÈDE “Quelle Oreille Tendre » Ω *
  • Tempting Meeting Ω *
  • Ritournelle Ω
  • 11:50 p.m. Φ
  • EADEb λ
  • Science Crashing Ω
  • Night Drivin’ Ω
  • Squeeze Ω
  • Untitled Ω *

All compositions, music and words by Valentin Becmann. Music composed, played, recorded and engineered in Montréal λ (Canada), Havré Ω (Belgium) and Saint-Mesmin Φ (France). * Recorded live.

Cover artwork « L’Habitat Bleuté » with kind permission by Samori Agne. This painting is part of the triptych « Trilogie Pigmentée », 2019. Graphic design by Samori Agne too.

Signed Art Print photo taken in Brussels on December 7, 2019 by Louise Danhaive. Additional graphic design by Mathilde Becmann.

Mastering and Cutting Engineer: Mathieu Berthet, Paris.
Additional Digital Mastering: Valentin Becmann


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